"Hi! Your drawings are so cute! If you have time, please teach me the meaning of Akaashi's name."



I think that the kanji character and pronunciation of  ”京治” is smart.!

Even so, many questions about Akaashi, I’m  surprised.   He is popular…!

Thank you for the message And giving a comment to my artwork. 

and, and, Thank you for writing in Japanese.I study English more><!


傾国のあかあし。。。人気あるねすごいね。 二年の五番のセッターのひとはかわいいのであかあしくんと研磨もいづれなにかあったらすごくいいと思う

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Greetings, true believers!

In spite of the relative silence on Story of Seasons, let me first assure you that the machine is humming along quite nicely. For a game about farming, some of you might wonder how much text it could have. Some of you longtime Bokujou Monogatari fans and fans of the…

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Here’s a longer post about her circumstances.

In short, I have about 2 weeks to raise $160 (in my currency it’s 500 zlotys) for the rehabilitation fee for my dog. She will need it after the operation of her left knee (anterior cruciate ligament injury with degenerative changes in joints).


- I can draw everything (I’m an art major), but keep in mind that, if it comes to cartoony style, I’m the best at the stuff you can see at my blog! 

- animals, ponies, furry, oc, fan characters, monsters are OK,

- I will also draw nudes and gore,

- if you really want I will also draw porn, but I won’t post it online though,

- mechanical stuff is also okay, but keep in mind it’s not my forte,

- as you can see on my blog, my art style is pretty versatile, so you can choose whichever you like!

- if you want a traditional commission there’s a possibility of sending the original to you if you want! (However I will have to add the cost of shipping).

Contact me at: agnieszka.hazel(at)gmail(dot)com or through ask (if I won’t reply within 24 hours, resend please!)

I will require payment before I start, but then I will share progress with you, so eventual changes can be made.

More examples of my art

Thank you for reading and sharing! 

My dogs operation is scheduled for next week and I’m still far from my goal, so please spread this post further if you can!! I’m very grateful for every note I get and for every commission too!

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Steal His Look: Kageyama Tobio as The Moon

Stella McCartney Brandy All-In-One - $1,195

Half Moon Piñata - $55

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Anime-Alley storenvy has been brought to my attention in that they are selling my free! artwork off as charms WITHOUT my permission. This is really appalling, I have been forced to remove my illustration off all sites or edit a large watermark over it to protect my work since I simply cannot trust the community not to pull this sort of crap.

It’s common sense not to steal what does not belong to you. It is not the artists fault for wanting to share their work only to have them ripped off by people without a shred of decency. (Do not blame the shopkeeper for what the thief does).

After a bit of digging by my friend and I we found a lot of their items may also have been stolen from various artists and official artwork. PLEASE check if your artwork has also been stolen or if you can recognize the artists. I can absolutely attest that they stole my work and used without permission, and the fact that some of the items (particularly their Free! -Pic-Lil! - Pic-Lil! trading strap) are being sold at super cheap prices when they are very rare and expensive to obtain officially in Japan should alarm you.

Please do not support their thievery and profit of other people’s work and cheap imitation of official merchandize. Their products are also shoddy and poor in quality as seen in the photos.

If you can reblog this post, I would really appreciate this information being spread. Apparently they can be found at conventions and I’m just disappointed to know that they could be selling stolen artwork.

If you can email storenvy with a link to this post, or with any other information you have found to have their storefront taken down permanently that would be great. I do not want them to just simply take down my item and walk away with stealing other people’s work again, then nothing would be solved. Thank you so much.

Their storenvy

Storenvy contact form

Their Etsy (also selling stolen work)

My Twitter post (Retweets very much appreciated)

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art theft

[ TSUKKI!! ]


Every time Yamaguchi says “Tsukki” in the Haikyuu!! anime.

Total: 28

God I hope I didn’t miss any.

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/COVERS FACEhaikyuu!!

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The flower that bathes in sunlight, Cure Sunshine!! !

The flower that bathes in sunlight, Cure Sunshine!! !

 baked yams sound rly good right now.. 




a screen cap redraw of dokidoki precure ep 33! i fall for the yellow precure so easy ///

a screen cap redraw of dokidoki precure ep 33! i fall for the yellow precure so easy ///


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